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We are pleased to announce the call for nominations for the 2024 Stanley N. Katz Prize for Excellence in Public Humanities!

Application deadline: July 30, 2024

Winners will receive an award of $5,000 from NJCH

Organizations may self-nominate

Winner Announced: Fall of 2024


"Faith Ringgold: Coming to Jones Road"

3-D tour of the exhibit "Faith Ringgold: Coming to Jones Road"

Advertisement for the Ancestors Journey Oral History Project

Advertisement for the Coming to Jones Road Children's Makerspace

A photo of the Ancestor Journeys verbatim theatrical performance


Bergen Community College / Gallery Bergen
Paramus, NJ

Bringing together partners from the Bergen Community College faculty, local public libraries, and governmental and nonprofit organizations, this "constellation of programs" used a combination of both creative and established public humanities practices to tell stories, preserve history, and encourage community dialogue around the topics of race, discrimination, art, and African American heritage in New Jersey.

The project centered on Gallery Bergen's exhibition Coming to Jones Road, featuring works by renowned artist Faith Ringgold. The exhibit elucidates Ringgold's experiences encountering racism and struggle in relocating her home and studio to Englewood, NJ.

The college extended the dialogue from this exhibit using humanities and complementary creative pursuits, including:

  • The organization of a Children’s Makerspace for in which daycare and K-12 students in partnership with the Black Child Development Initiative and the Bergen County Office for Children
  • The “Ancestor Journeys” project, which collected more than 200 oral history testimonies from students and county residents
  • The development of a theatrical piece that incorporated these testimonies with text from Ringgold’s storyquilts, and
  • The commission of “Coming to Jones Road Suite,” a jazz suite by the composer Rufus Reid which premiered at BCC’s Ciccone Theatre.

Want to know more about this "constellation of projects"?


Morven Museum & Garden

In 2018, the Morven Museum & Garden reinstalled its Permanent History Exhibition “Historic Morven: A Window Into America’s Past,” broadening the perspective and focus of the exhibit to be more inclusive of the people who lived and labored in the historic house. Previously, the exhibit had focused on the better-known patriarchs of the property.

After engaging an advisory council including members of the local African-American community, the exhibit and related educational programming were updated to include a deeper examination of Morven’s ties to slavery. As a result, the exhibit now reflects the voices of the many people who lived and worked at Morven, including women, children, enslaved men and women, immigrant servants, and employees.

The reinterpretation has been completed, but it continues to inspire further efforts to expand the perspectives reflected in the site’s history. Ongoing efforts include “Slavery at Morven,” an online exhibit launched in 2022, ongoing research into Morven’s ties to slavery, and programming associated with the expanded scope of the exhibit.


Morven Museum & Garden

Project Website





Harrison Township Historical Society

On September 1, 2021, a devastating tornado swept through Harrison Township, leaving behind a trail of unprecedented destruction. Miraculously, no lives were lost, but much need for healing and rebuilding remained.The Harrison Township Historical Society recognized the need to document and preserve this nationally significant history in real time. 

The project’s purpose was three-fold: to create an eyewitness record of the storm from multiple perspectives, to involve those directly affected, and to stimulate understanding and discussion about the storm and its impact.Working together, local committee members and oral historian Melissa Ziobro secured the cooperation of 21 narrators whose stories were recorded and transcribed. 

The interviews provided the narration for an exhibition that opened a year following the storm, telling a story courage, compassion, and how the community proved itself stronger than the storm. The effort shows how humanities can aid the healing process and how a small, all-volunteer history organization can meaningfully contribute to the well-being of its community.


Harrison Township Historical Society

Project Website



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Founded in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the Council, the Stanley N. Katz Prize for Excellence in Public Humanities will be awarded annually beginning in 2022. The award will recognize an organization which has demonstrated significant engagement with and impact through community-focused public humanities work in New Jersey.

About Stan

“NJCH's longtime leader, Stan Katz, helped shape the Council as an organization that works with scholars across disciplines to serve the New Jersey public, recognizing that public humanities help us bridge divides, promote civic engagement, and give a voice to all members of our society.

In this important moment for the public humanities, we hope naming our award honors his commitment to public humanities and ensures a better future for our communities."

- Dan Fatton, NJCH Board Chair, 2020-2022

Nomination Information

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To be eligible for nomination, an organization must:

  • Have completed the nominated project in the last five years.
  • Be a New Jersey-based nonprofit or government entity.

Anyone may nominate an organization, and nominators may nominate any organization that they believe best exemplifies the purpose of the Prize and fulfills its eligibility requirements; please note that self-nominations from organizations *are* permitted. All nominations will be kept confidential.


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Your generosity will help to further the work of the public humanities in New Jersey while honoring the many contributions Stan Katz has made to the field. Please consider participating in one of the Katz Prize Fund Giving Levels. With your support, we can honor Stan's significant work in the public humanities and the impact of the historical, cultural, and educational organizations in New Jersey.

Donations may be made online, or via check, stock transfers, EFT, property, or other contribution options. To inquire, contact us at donations@njhumanities.org or (609) 695-4838.

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