NJ Humanities Grants

Since 1972, NJCH has supported the public humanities—projects that take the humanities out of the classroom and make them accessible to wide and diverse audiences—such as exhibitions and installations, discussion programs, oral history projects, interpretive tours, and much more.

Why? It's our aim to enable audiences to engage in critical reflection on human histories, cultures, values, and beliefs.

It's no secret that the most competitive grant proposals are those that put the “public” in “public humanities.” In other words: they demonstrate an awareness of the needs and interests of your audience and offer an opportunity for community members to engage in a shared exploration of the humanities.

In our recent grant rounds, NJCH has funded about 30% of proposals received. We recommend submitting your LOI as early as possible!

At a Glance

Action & Incubation Grants

NJCH regularly offers grant funding in two separate streams: Incubation Grants and Action Grants. Both offer awards between $3,000-$15,000.

  • Incubation Grants support the planning and development of public humanities projects. If you have questions to answer and plans to work out, an Incubation Grant is for you.
  • Action Grants support the implementation or continuation of public humanities projects. If you know what to do and have a plan to launch your project, an Action Grant is for you.

NEXT ROUND (Projects beginning July-September 2024)

Getting Started

We know that applying for grants can be tricky. Sometimes it’s even hard to figure out where to begin. Check out these tips for getting started, especially if this is your first time seeking a grant from us.

1. Make sure you’re eligible to apply.

Only New Jersey-based nonprofit organizations or government entities are eligible to apply for NJCH grants. Applicants will need to have an EIN or NJ tax-exempt number to apply and be in good standing with state and federal tax entities. Since NJCH regrants federal funds from the National Endowment for the Humanities, applicants will also need to submit a SAM.gov UEI (Unique Entity ID) with the final application.

If you do not already have a UEI, we recommend you get started on obtaining one from SAM.gov as soon as possible. Please note that completing the full SAM.gov registration process is not a requirement. Organizations can apply for a UEI only without completing the full registration. If you have any questions, please let us know. NJCH program officers can help you navigate the process.

2. Understand the purpose of our grants.

NJCH offers project grants to support the development and implementation of public humanities projects for NJ-based audiences. The most competitive applications propose discreet projects that have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Our grants are small, so projects that are simple and straightforward tend to be the most competitive. NJCH grants do not provide general operating support and cannot be used to support work outside of the public humanities. 

3. Review our grant guidelines.

Once you have confirmed that your proposal is humanities-based and your organization is eligible to apply for a grant, it will be important to make sure that your organization can meet the other requirements of our grants. Our guidelines are updated each year, so we recommend reviewing the guidelines even if you have previously applied for NJCH funding.

4. Select a grant type.

The next step is to pick the grant type that aligns most closely with your organization’s goals, priorities, and available timeline. Our list of available grants changes occasionally, so we recommend reviewing our offerings to see what best fits your needs.

In addition to grants, NJCH also supports humanities projects and skill-building through various programs. If your work isn’t a good fit for our grants, check out our program offerings—one of them just might be a better fit.

5. Complete an LOI (Letter of Intent)

Once you’ve decided which grant to apply for, you’ll need to submit an LOI using our online grant system. The LOI is not competitive; it just provides a quick way for NJCH staff to determine that your organization is eligible to apply for a grant and that your project is appropriate for NJCH funding before you complete a full application. LOIs are accepted and approved on a rolling basis throughout the LOI period. We strongly advise you to submit your LOI early, especially if you’d like to schedule a consultation with NJCH staff or have a draft of your proposal reviewed.

Are you ready?

  • Yes! If you're ready, please continue on to access the guidelines PDF and online application.
  • Not Sure! Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Grant Guidelines

The grant guidelines provided below both outline technical requirements for grant proposals and serve as a helpful reference guide for organizations completing proposals. Please reference the guidelines when looking for answers to your questions. If something isn't clear, just ask us! (Really!)

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($3,000 - $15,000)

Incubation Grants support the planning and development of public humanities projects for New Jersey-based audiences.



($3,000 - $15,000)

Action Grants support the implementation of developed public humanities projects for New Jersey-based audiences.

Connect with us

If you have questions we’re here to help. Promise!

NJCH offers multiple ways for interested organizations to learn more about our grant programs, receive feedback, and obtain assistance during the grant process, including:

  • Workshops
  • Written guidance
  • One-on-one meetings with NJCH program staff

Please review the grant guidelines to learn what resources are currently available to your organization for a particular grant opportunity or contact us at grants@njhumanities.org.

We also recommend you follow us on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn and sign up for our email list to receive information about upcoming workshops, events, and funding opportunities.


Grant Workshops

NJCH is pleased to offer informational webinars for anyone interested in applying for an NJCH (or other) grant. Please click the event links below for information and RSVP. Webinars will be recorded and posted to the NJCH website and Youtube channel after the events have concluded.

Watch "Creating an Outstanding Proposal - Narrative" (Spring 2024) and other past webinar recordings on our Youtube channel.

2023-2024 Grants Calendar

Action and Incubation Grants

Organizations can apply for either an Incubation or an Action Grant during each grant round. You must choose one or the other; you cannot apply for both an Incubation and an Action Grant at the same time. Please note that LOIs are accepted and approved on a rolling basis throughout the LOI period. We recommend submitting early!

ROUND 1 (Projects beginning January-March 2024)

Action & Incubation LOI Period
September 1, 2023 - September 30, 2023
Grant Award Notifications
December 31, 2023

ROUND 2 (Projects beginning July-September 2024)

Meet Our Grantees

Graphic with information about Bayard Rustin and the namesake center Princeton, (Action / $15,000)
To support the development of a repository of the papers, artifacts, and ephemera of Bayard Rustin, chief organizer of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom and advocate in the civil rights, nonviolence, and gay rights movements. Read more
Camden, (Action / $15,000)
To support a teen fellowship program that, using social and emotional learning lenses, teaches resiliency, emotion regulation, and empathy through literacy and digital media skills. Read more
Preserve Shady Rest Scotch Plains, (Incubation / $15,000)
To support the development of an inclusive master plan for the historic interpretation and public experience of Shady Rest Golf & Country Club (1921), a National Historic Landmark. Read more
Turkish Cultural Center New Jersey logo, a red square with the organization name in white block lettering Wayne, (Incubation / $15,000)
To support an exhibition taking visitors on an enlightening journey through the profound contributions of Islamic civilizations. Read more

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