Year One Progress Report


In January of 2022, NJCH’s Board of Directors passed a new, three-year strategic plan.  That plan was created on the basis of written and oral feedback from constituents and stakeholders around the state, meetings between our strategic planning consultants SKA + Associates and members of the Board of Directors, as well as many discussions among the staff.  We think of it as the work of the New Jersey public humanities community and are grateful to have received so many helpful ideas.  One year later, we are taking the opportunity here to reflect on the ways that the strategic plan guided our work in 2022 and to consider our successes and challenges thus far in meeting the Strategic Goals laid out within that document; we have focused on providing general summary and some highlights here, rather than a comprehensive inventory of our work, but we welcome questions from anyone who would like additional details.

We have structured our assessments of our work using the Implementation Steps laid out in the original Strategic Plan, signaling the ways in which those steps actually contributed to our three broad goals: to strengthen NJCH’s role as a convener; to expand and diversify the humanities; and to advocate for the advancement of the humanities.  We have tried to be clear, honest, and transparent about our work, and feel that we’ve made significant progress on achieving our strategic goals.  For that we extend our gratitude to our program partners, our Board, our stakeholders, and our donors, all of whom make our work possible.  We look forward to realizing some of these Implementation Steps more fully in 2023 and are eager to pursue the steps laid out in the Strategic Plan for Year Two.  

If you have additional thoughts or suggestions about our strategic plan or our work more generally, please don’t hesitate to let us know. 


Carin Berkowitz, Ph.D.
Executive Director

Year One Implementation Steps

Year Two Implementation Steps

  • Expand partnerships with community colleges and other statewide organizations that share similar missions to NJCH
  • Build capacity of Board of Directors to serve as advocates for the organization
  • Develop repository tool on website for internship, fellowship, and career opportunities in the humanities
  • Expand to full implementation of a program that serves scholars and host sites around the state, including public libraries
  • Expand, co-create, and formally curate resources of value to grant-seeking organizations
  • Develop a series of NJCH signature events and programs annually and promote those, as well as non-NJCH public humanities events happening around the state
  • Implement DEIA-informed models for convening grantee and program partners
  • Support and model meaningful DEIA initiatives embedded in the humanities, especially those that engage underrepresented communities and perspectives
  • Continue to refine evaluation metrics for both NJCH’s work and NJCH-funded work