The Water/Ways exhibitions will travel to six sites throughout New Jersey.

What is Your Water Story?

The great state of New Jersey is shaped by water, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Raritan River, Lake Hopatcong to the Delaware Bay. Our lives are shaped by water too. From recreation and travel (ever spent time at the Jersey shore?), water management and infrastructure (ever flushed a toilet?), to economic impact and transportation (ever purchased something from overseas?), it’s part of our every day—just like turning on the faucet.


NJCH is hosting hour-long public discussions in every county of the state, through August 2020, to capture stories about the different ways water matters to New Jerseyans. Participants will have the opportunity to contribute their water story to a statewide public archive documenting personal connections to water and waterways in New Jersey. No prior preparation is needed to attend, and all are welcome to share or listen.



  • Your voice matters! Contribute your water story to the archive for future generations.
  • No preparation needed, all are welcome to share or listen.
  • Explore the connective role of water among diverse New Jersey communities.
  • We rarely dedicate time and space to dive into dialogue about our most vital resource.
  • Documentation of what water sources we value is critical for ensuring their protection.
  • Everyone has a water story. What’s yours?

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