Public Scholars Project

Reclaiming Our Voice: New Jersey’s Central Role in the Fight for Women's Suffrage

March 9, 2020 at 7:00 PM | Ewing, NJ | Mercer County Library, Ewing Branch
Lillian Feickert, president of the NJ Woman Suffrage Association from 1912-1920, was committed to the fight for women’s suffrage. Many do not realize the role that New Jersey played in the suffrage movement. During this PSP session, Feickert explores more about why some NJ women once had the vote and then lost it for over a century. Also, she shares stories about how nationally-known suffrage advocates Lucy Stone and Elizabeth Cady Stanton staged tax and voting protests in the state. Feickert describes how Alice Paul became the dynamo who re-energized the push for a federal amendment and how Dr. Florence Spearing Randolph brought black women into the movement. Participants will learn that women were not “given” the vote, but fought for it for generations.

Carol Simon Levin
Historical Interpreter and Storyteller
Mercer County Library, Ewing Branch
61 Scotch Rd
Ewing, NJ
Sarah Legins