Public Scholars Project

What’s all this about “fake news”?

November 13, 2019 at 7:00 PM | Sewell, NJ | Margaret E Heggan Free Public Library
The web creates an ideal environment for news and other content to spread like wildfire. Propaganda has existed as long as language itself; and yet “fake news” seems somehow different. Is it? The digital world has changed how we give and receive information. But how do we track the origin and assess the legitimacy of the information that we receive? In order to effectively read and evaluate sources, we can develop awareness about how they reach us and how we read them. In this session, participants will examine fake news and ways to evaluate the kinds of sites, technologies, and processes that participate in circulating falsehoods online.

Jason Luther, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Writing Arts, Rowan University
Margaret E Heggan Free Public Library
606 Delsea Dr
Sewell, NJ