Public Scholars Project

Learning New Jersey…One Building at a Time

November 20, 2019 at 7:00 PM | Madison, NJ | Madison Public Library
Sometimes when we “see” something all the time, we don’t really see it. What have you noticed about the built environment around you lately? In the Garden State, ranging across 21 counties and five centuries, from pre-European settlement to post-industrial reinvention, from log cabins and lighthouses, to highways, diners, and tract houses, we are literally surrounded by a unique and historically significant landscapes. In this session, while examining images of NJ buildings, participants will consider different aspects – aesthetics, cultural and economic perspectives, and values and meaning – to develop skills for reading everyday landscapes in order to better understand community and place and why they matter.

Gabrielle Esperdy, Ph.D.
Professor & Historian
Madison Public Library
39 Keep St
Madison, NJ