Public Scholars Project

New Jersey, Pre & Post Revolution

October 23, 2019 at 12:00 PM | Haddonfield, NJ | Tavistock Country Club
Have you ever thought about how New Jersey was created? Perhaps you’ve wondered about how East and West Jersey came to be? Or you’ve considered how life changed for landowners as the American Revolution intensified? The way the state developed before, during, and after the revolution, including some of its distinctive features that still remain today, is fascinating. In this session, significant topics like New Jersey’s role in politics, transportation, trade, and agricultural on the eve of revolution will be explored.

Jonathan Mercantini, Ph.D.
Acting Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Associate Professor of History at Kean University
Tavistock Country Club
PO Box 383 Meets At Tavistock Country Club 1 Tavistock Lane
Haddonfield, NJ