Public Scholars Project

Springsteen and his Layered Lyrics

June 19, 2019 at 7:00 PM | Bernardsville, NJ | Bernardsville Public Library
Bruce Springsteen expects attentiveness of his listeners. How do we know this? Over the past 50 years, Springsteen has written songs and created music that have been experienced by countless fans. But many don’t know the extent to which his work has been influenced by the American folk tradition. Through experimental reinterpretation and the creation of new traditions, The Boss has worked within known folk traditions, but at the same time, created new sounds and messages. In this session, participants can learn about some of the works that have influenced one of Jersey’s most celebrated musical artists.

Prudence Jones, Ph.D.
Professor at Montclair University
Bernardsville Public Library
1 Anderson Hill Rd
Bernardsville, NJ